Start of the school day – all pupils:   9.20am 
Supervision is provided by teachers from 9.10am to 9.20am.  No responsibility is accepted for pupils being on the school premises before 9.10am.

Breaks:  There are two breaks during the day.
Morning break – 11.05am to 11.15 am
Lunch break – 12.45pm to 1.15pm
Please see our Healthy Eating Policy for details of the types of food we recommend the children have for their breaks.

End of the school day – Infants:  2pm
Children must be collected by a parent or by a person identified by the parents as a suitable escort.
There is no facility for children in Infants classes to remain in the school past 2pm.

End of the school day – First to Sixth classes:  3pm
Children should be collected at the school gate.
Supervision is provided by the teachers for pupils in the the yard from 3.00pm to 3.10pm.
Parents may permit older children to walk to cars by themselves or to walk or cycle home.
No responsibility is accepted for pupils being on the school premises after 3.10pm.

Please remember, whether dropping off or picking up your children, that the school is on a very busy road so take care at all times.  Cars should not park in the yellow box immediately outside the school at any time.  Parking bays near the bottle banks are wider than average to accommodate wider vehicles.  Cars parking at Clogherhead side of the gate are requested to park parallel to school wall to allow pupils access to pedestrian walkway to gate.  Cars parking at Dunleer side are asked to reverse into the parking spaces.