1.  In line with the Church’s teaching and the provisions of the Irish Constitution, the Board of Management acknowledges that Parents are the primary educators of their children. Much of the protection for catholic schools derives from rights granted to the Parents under the provisions of the Constitution.

2.  The Board of Management strives to ensure that Parents find the school an open, welcoming, inclusive place. There is a Parents Association in the school.

3.  The Parents Association promotes the interests of the students in a school in cooperation with the Board, Principal, teachers and students of the school and for that purpose may –

  • Advise the Principal or the Board on any matter relating to the school and the Principal or Board, as the case may be, shall have regard to any such advice, and
  • Adopt a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of Parents, in consultation with the Principal, in the operation of the school.

 4.  The Board encourages contact between school, parents of students in the school and the community and strives to facilitate and give all reasonable assistance to parents and the Parents Association.

5.  The Parents Association, following consultation with its members has made rules governing its meetings and the business and conduct of its affairs.  The Parents Association is affiliated to a National Association of Parents and the rules referred to are in accordance with guidelines issued by the National Association of Parents with the concurrence of the Minister.  The National Parents Council Primary Head Office is as 12 Marlborough Court, Dublin1. Tel 01-8874034

 6.  In a spirit of collaboration and trust, the Parents Association recognises that there are areas of school activity that belong to the professional work of the teachers. There is also a recognition that certain areas of responsibility belong to the Board of Management.

7.  The Parents Association is entitled to raise funds for the administration and activities of the Association. Full accounts must be maintained and presented at the Parents Association AGM, in accordance with the rules of the Association.

The Parents Association should consult with the Board about fundraising for the school or any school projects. The approval of the Board is needed before these funds are raised. The expenditures of these funds is by the Board of Management, in consultation with the Parents Association. The Board prepares a total account of income and expenditure at the end of each school year and this is available to Parents. (Constitution of Boards and Rules of Procedure, Section 19)

Any funds raised must be used for the purpose(s) for which the money was collected. If, in exceptional circumstances, it becomes unnecessary for the Board to use all the funds collected for the purpose specified, the Board will communicate with the Parents Association and, where appropriate, the local community. In any event, the funds must be used for the school. The change of purpose for which the funds are used will be decided by the Board in consultation with the Parents’ Association committee.

8. The Board, in consultation with the school Principal, ensures that arrangements are made for Parents to meet class teachers on a regular basis.

9.  Parents will naturally be concerned about the welfare and progress of their children. They are entitled to have access to records kept by the school relating to the progress and education of their child. (Educational Act 1998.9 (g))

10.  If a Parents has a particular difficulty about any aspect of the school’s work, the matter should be referred in the first instance to the class teacher and subsequently, if necessary to the Principal. The matter should be dealt with informally, if possible.  If it becomes necessary to deal more formally with the matter, the agreed complaints procedure should be followed.

11.  Anonymous complaints about teachers or about any matter connected with the school will not be considered by the Board of Management. Individual members of the Board have agreed to not bring such messages to the Board of Management meeting. Board members should advise people who approach them with complaints or requests that the matter should be referred to the Principal or to the Chairperson of the Board as appropriate.

12.  Copies of all circulars from the Department of Education are available to Parents.

13.  The Parents are informed annually of the school financial situation.