1.  The Parents Association promotes the interests of the students in the school in co-operation with the board, Principal, teachers and students of a school and for that purpose may:

  • Advise the Principal or the Board on any matter relating to the school and the Principal or the Board, as the case may be, shall have regard to any such advice.
  • Adopt a programme of activities which will promote the involvement of Parents, in consultation with the Principal, in the operation of the school, (Education Act 1998 section 26.2)


The Board shall promote contact between the school Principal, parents of students in that school and the community, and shall facilitate and give all reasonable assistance to the Parents Association when it is established. (Education Act 1998 , 26.3)


2.  The Aims of the Parents Association are:

  • To work in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and the whole school community to promote the interests of all the students in the school.
  • To advise the Principal or Board on any matter relating to the school
  • To support and empower parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s educational lives.
  • To enable parents to play a meaningful role in supporting the aims and objectives of the school and to ensure parents are meaningfully consulted in the development of relevant school policies.
  • To ensure that Parents, Board of Management, Principal & Staff work together to ensure the smooth operation of the school adhering, to agreed policies and procedures.
  • To enable parents to contribute to an enhanced learning environment for pupils.
  • To ensure that the work of the whole school community is at all times focused on the collective needs of all the children in the school.
  • To identify and make available the skills and talents of individual parents that may be valuable to the school.


3.  All Parents of children in the school are members of the Parents Association. These parents elect a committee to work on their behalf from one year to the next.

The Parents Committee meeting agenda may include a report from the Parents’ representatives on the Board of Management. This works well if the Board of Management also includes a report from the Parents’ representative about the Parents Committee activities. Reports brought from the Parents Committee to the Board and also from the Board to the Parents Committee must be agreed reports which have the approval of all Committee and Board members respectively. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.

An agreed report is issued to the Principal and the Board of Management following each Parents Committee Meeting.

Any two reps from the Committee may arrange to see the Principal regarding any issue which may arise.

There will be an agreed report at end of each Board of Management meeting for Parents Committee.

The Board of Management will meet once a year with the Parents Committee.

The Board of Management financial statements will be available for the Parents Committee AGM.


4.  The Parents Committee, as representatives of all parents in school, will be consulted and involved in the drawing up and ratification of any school policy that directly affects the children or themselves. School policies are available to be viewed at any time in the school or copies are available to parents on request.

The curriculum policies have been drawn up based on the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education. These are also available in the school.


The involvement of parents and their active participation in life of the school enhances co-operation and interaction between home and school. This may be achieved by:


  • Parents or family members providing information and expertise to the teachers to support areas of the curriculum.
  • Parents or family members speaking to classes (in consultation with the class teacher) on topics to support areas of the curriculum.
  • Other activities organised by the Parents Association.